Thursday, January 26, 2017

A View of My Life with some Knitting

I love watching the sunrise on the farm. Because I take my girls to school I get to see it everyday. This is the best picture that I could get that shows off the colors. There are way more shades than the camera lens can capture but you get the idea. We are almost finished with out new home. The yurt is getting close, so close that I can almost see us living there right now. I will share some picture once we get it cleaned up and I can take better pictures. Right now there is still a lot of materials everywhere. We have most of the walls covered and the doors are up on the rooms. The cabinets have been installed in the kitchen but I still have to finishe painting them. That is my project for this weekend, after we get our storage building cleaned out. I am so ready to be in and have a normal bathroom and my bedroom back. We have been in the camper for over a year now and it is getting old. I am grateful that we have had it but we are tripping over each other and have no privacy really. It is almost done and them we can celebrate.
On the knitting scene I have one post Christmas finished object. I am working on writing up the pattern soon. This is an infinity scarf that made with one skein of Cornbread and Honey's beautiful hand dyed yarn. It was a pretty simple pattern and easy to knit. There was just so many stitches each round, but. I love the feel of the yarn , it really is so soft.
My next project is already on the needles and I am loving the combination. This infinity scarf is made with two different yarns one is Cascade 220 Sport and the other is Malabrigio Sport weight yarn. I love of the hand painted yarn looks with the solid color, it really shows off the color and makes it pop. This picture really doesn't show off how good the colors are working together.
Here is about another 3 hours into the project. I hope to have this pattern written up soon. I really love they way these yarn feel when I'm knitting with them and the fabric has a beautiful drape even before I have blocked it. I know once is has been blocked it with be even better. I am really excited that this is light weight enough that it will make a pretty accent scarf except on the warmest days.

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