Monday, August 8, 2016

Glimpse of My Life Early August

I am knitting the Ms. Marple Scarf, it is a fun piece and I can't wait to finish it. It is going to be a Christmas present.

My girls started back to school. Both of them are in high school now and I have to admit it is very hard. They are growing up way too fast. 

I was excited about gas being so low that I just had to snap a picture. 

On the first day of school to keep me occupied I did a little retail therapy at a local yarn shop. I am sorry to say that they are closing and Saturday was their last day.

I picked up some beautiful yarns from their sale and I have already cast on the milk chocolate skein. 

On Saturday I still needed a yarn fix so I took a trip to Revival Yarns. I love their little shop. The staff is super friendly and I love how bright the shop is. Their selection was wonderful. 


diannamcheck said...

Oh your kids start school so early! We still have a few weeks to go till it starts up. So sad to see yarn stores closing. You got some beautiful yarns! Great way to spend the day when you have it to yourself.

deborah said...

The yarn shops look lovely! Specialty shops are so fun to browse in.

I totally understand the excitement and need for a picture of a great price on gasoline!

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