Tuesday, July 12, 2016

My Crazy Busy Life

I have been busy just living, I am trying to enjoy my girls this summer, as both of them will be in high school, wow how time flies. I'm also working on a lot of creative projects this summer and I have picked up knitting again so that I have something else to do when I need a break from the computer creating.

I am working on this pattern from Elizabeth Zimmerman. I decided that I need a new lap blanket for when we move into our house. I know knitting a blanket in the summer sounds a little bit crazy but when I am sitting in the cool air inside I need something to keep me warm, so this blanket fits the bill.
I have been doing a lot of volunteer work this summer as well. I have been working at the local chamber of commerce and helping out there when I am needed. I really like being out an about in the community.

I am also teaching classes a the local historical society building. This has been a fun experience. I have three classes this month so it has been busy with this too.

Here is an apron that I created using some of the techniques from my The Art of Doodling Class.

My garden this year only consists of tomatoes and it hasn't been producing that good but the ones that we have been getting taste just like candy. This little yellow cherries were great.

I had hoped to get some big tomatoes but it looks like the heat and lack of rain have worked together to keep me from getting much. I hope my fall garden will do better. The seed catalog is making me hungry for greens and turnips.

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