Monday, June 30, 2014

A Peek into My Sketchbook

I took a little time to step out of my studio are and get up from my desk this weekend. I decided that I really need to get back into my sketchbook and just draw. not with a pencil and eraser but with a pen. This made me not look for perfection but just let my brain dump all the ideas I had bottled up inside onto the page. I really have been in a creative block for the past few weeks and I just need to let the ideas flow and not stress about if the lines were just right or if the shape was just so. 
I really think that I learned something from this and I hope to incorporate it in to my weekly schedule and just brain dump into my sketchbook. 
I now feel like I have a whole bunch of inspiration that I can put into my "have to" work. (ie things that have a deadline)
I would love to hear your take on getting past your creative blocks. Just leave a comment below and let me know how you work past them. 

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