Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Spring Cleaning

I decided to take a break from flower making and organize my kitchen. I took on drawer that was a catch all for most of our cooking utensils and turn it into a tea, coffee and cocoa center. We drink a lot of coffee and tea in our house so I though that is would be a great place to store it all in one place. ( I do have extra K Cups in the pantry, but all of my tea fit in perfectly).

Here is the Video that inspired me to do this.
I love all of her videos. You might want to watch a few more for some great ideas.
I also organized my countertop with my Keurig and hot water pot. I also have a container of mini marshmellows as well as my French Press Coffee Maker. I have to find a better container for my sugar as this is only temporary. (My nice one got broken). The way this is set up is perfect for fixing breakfast in the mornings. I can use the toaster oven and make coffee in the same area without too much clutter. 
I really should have taken a before picture but it was bad, really, really bad. 

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