Thursday, January 30, 2014

Crazy Week

It has been a super crazy week for me and my family. On Tuesday the snow can in and then my dad had a stroke. I have been  his primary daytime caregiver since October and so I really started to notice that he was not acting right.  His "new normal" was not how he was. We had to call the EMS and they decided to admit him. 

So we have a snow storm in Georgia and my dad in the hospital. All day Wednesday were couldn't leave the house and so I couldn't get to the hospital. The girls had a great time with the snow and all and I just wanted to leave. Not a very fun snow day for me. 

Today they are out of school again so now that they roads are a little better I will be headed to the hospital and make sure that my dad is alright. (My mom has been staying with him). 
So please keep our family in your prayers. Thanks. 

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