Monday, November 11, 2013

Family Adventure

This weekend we took the girls on a little adventure. We visited Jarrell Plantation just outside of Juliette Georgia. It was a fun day full of new experiences and good food. 

This is the view that we has when we first started on the trail and it was such a beautiful site. The air was crisp and the smell of sugar was in the air. On the way to the syrup kettle we stopped in one if the houses along the trail and was able to taste fresh syrup on warm biscuits cooked in a woodburning stove.  

The syruping pot was a 50 gallon pot that they were using. The pot would have to cook for at least 7 hours for the 50 gallons on Sugar Cane juice to become syrup. By the time it is finished it will only be 5 gallons of syrup. 

All along the trail there were demonstrators showing various traditional handcrafts. From spinning to quilt makers. 

This lady showed various toys that would have been played with on the plantation. 

After we left the plantation we stopped for lunch at the Whistle Stop Cafe that was made famous in the movie Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe. 

They have a signed original movie poster on display. 
They have the best fried chicken and Mac and cheese and mashed potatoes 

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