Friday, May 17, 2013

Happy Friday

This has been an extremely crazy week. We spent the first part (mon-thu) camping. Then came home yesterday afternoon to be back for the girls 4H awards banquet. So I think I will share a glimpse of my week with you.

Driving to the North Georgia mountains.

What I read while we were gone.

Where we stayed at camping. This is out in the middle of the mountains, 2 1/2 miles from the paved road. I was so glad it had electricity and water.

We had to make the drive to Highlands, NC so that we could enjoy the ice cream.


We hiked down to this waterfall and was able to walk behind it and stay pretty dry.

Here is Anastasia trying to reach out and touch it, but it was too far away.

Camping wouldn't be complete without the wild animals.

Or playing in the creek. Even if the water was freezing still.

And finding interesting things on our hikes.

Then coming home to a great banquet where my girls were awarded for all their hard work with 4H this year.

Shae won one of the 2 top spots for 5th grade for the whole county.

And Anastasia won one of 3 top spots for 6th grade.

I hope you all have a happy Friday and a wonderful weekend as well.

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