Thursday, January 31, 2013

Handcut Stencils

I have been drawing on transparencies for the past few days.

This one turned out great. I left off the antenna when I cut it and also cut it like a mask so that I could use it with spray inks and not have such a large border.

This is the fist stencil that I then am able to use as a heart because of the way it was cut.

This next one was created by stamping my handcarved chevron stamp onto a transparency and then going over it with a black permanent marker before I cut it.

Here it is after I tried it out on some dictionary paper with my Ranger Adirondack Paint Dabbers.

I cut this cross also so that I can have a thin version of the wood shape that I have.

Here is a few images to show you how I tested each of the ones that I cut.

I used various mediums with them to see how they would work.

This shows all of them in action using sprays marker and paint dabbers.

And to add a public service announcement to this post. Be careful with a heated cutting tool. It gets very hot and I burnt the tip of my thumb. So please use caution.


Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

oh these are great! looks like so much fun... minus the burn. ouch! where do you find the transparencies, kate?

Beverley Baird said...

Love the journal pages and stencils you've created. I've never tried to create these - looks like fun to create and work with

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