Monday, September 10, 2012

Working On My New Studio Space

I am so excited about my new studio space. I have really been working on this new space lately. I decided to paint a small frame gallery wall over the area above my drafting table.

I have some large drawers in the center of the area that is under my cutting table. So I used one of them for all of my paints and painting supplies.

Here is a in progress shot to show my cutting table.The top is a little lover than normal counter height and it makes a great place to paint large pieces to to paint on large fabric pieces.

I will share more later this week but if you would like to see the daily progress you can follow my instagram feed over in the sidebar.

1 comment:

Introverted Art said...

Kate, I love that your space has so much potential, it's raw and you can make it absolutely you!

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