Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Happy Times and Sad Times

fun 004
My Shae hit the double digits back on the 11th and it was a happy time for us as well as a sad time. We lost a very special lady in our church. We had her birthday party on the 14th and I was able to make the cupcakes that she wanted. Because of all that was going on that day I didn’t take the step-by-step pictures that I had planned. Here is how I made them. I choose 2 colors of paste food coloring and took a pastry bag fitted with a star tip and placed a strip of food coloring on the inside seams of the bag. Because they are opposite sides of the bag the colors will come out twisted. Add an icing of your choice to the bag. I used a homemade cream cheese icing, for these as it was the birthday girls favorite kind. TIP TIME: let the icing sit in the bag for at least 15 min before piping and you will not end up with all white cupcakes at the beginning, this helps to past coloring to melt a little better. I also was able to fill the bag a 2nd and 3rd time and still get very nice stripes
fun 003Her party turned out great and a good time was had by all.
fun 007
fun 012
We had to have her favorite candy of the season there also.
fun 009
We kept the favors seasonal also. I t worked great she loved the carrot bags and because it was just after Easter everything was half off.
fun 032
My beautiful baby girl is growing up way to fast.
The next day was a sad day as the funeral service for our sweet Sis. Peggy. As we were sleeping that night we had a call about one of the older men in our church who was being taken to the ER and so when we arrived there everyone prayed with his wife and just a few min later the Dr. came and told that he was gone. He was a very special person and all the children in the church loved him so much, he would take time with them and talk to them like they weren’t children. and they loved it. So needless to say it has been a very hard couple of weeks and we are trying to be back into a routine for the girls So please say a prayer for both families. during this time of loss.

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