Thursday, March 29, 2012

Life is like a Garden

garden3.29 004

As I was out working alone in my garden today a thought came to me. Life is like a garden and how that sometimes we have to go through changes and stages in our lives to be able to grow.

garden3.29 009

I took a look at my peas and beans that just 2 weeks ago that I could have cooked and eaten them and only had a very small amount, but I buried them in the ground and now I have the opportunity to harvest much more and be able to feed more than just my family.

garden3.29 015

When I think about this I think how God plants seeds into out lives that have to be buried in our hearts to be allowed to grow. If we do not open out hearts for the seeds to go deep into the dark places to be able to sprout and grow, and only then will they bear fruit that can them be planted into other people. This is just a simple lesson but sometimes the greatest lessons are the simple ones.

garden3.29 014

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