Thursday, December 8, 2011

Scrap Scarf Sewing Tutorial

scraps 012
This Scrap Scarf Sewing Tutorial is very easy to make with just the sewing scraps that you have on hand. All you need is a good handful of sewing scraps and a little bit of muslin and you are all set to make a great Scrap Scarf.
Scrap Scarf Sewing Tutorial Supplies:
2 pieces of muslin measuring 5” x 72” (if you buy 2 yards of fabric and rip in into 5 inch pieces you should be able to get 9 pieces from each cut)
A good hand-full of various scraps. Long and narrow ones work best.
scraps 007
Thread (color of your choice because you really want it to show)
A sewing machine
Step one:
If you have not already prepared your base fabric do so now. I prefer to rip my muslin because it adds to the scrap look of the scarf.
Step two: organize your scraps so that they are easy for your to pick up with out too much thought and so that they will be random.
Step 3: Begin to sew them down the length of one piece of the base fabric. You can use a straight stitch or one of the many decorative stitches that are on most sewing machines. You could also just use a simple ziz-zag stitch.
Repeat step 3 going up and down the length of the base fabric until you are happy with the way it looks. (Note: I left a space of 1/4” inch between each row of scraps.)
scraps 022
Step 4:
Once you have finished sewing all the scraps down on the first base fabric, line up the second piece on the back with wrong sides together , you can pin to together at this point but I don’t bother with pinning.
With a medium stitch length sew around the edges about 1/4” in from the sides. I them used the same stitch length and sewed an extra large zig-zag pattern down the center of the finished scarf.
scraps 026
You can leave it just the way it is or your can add come embellishments to it.
scraps 013
I have some vintage bias tape in my stash and I found one that matched my thread and decided to ruffle it. (To ruffle it all you have to do is set your machine to the longest stitch length and the tension to the highest setting and it will ruffle itself.)
scraps 014
then I pinned it down in a shape that I liked and sewed over it with a very small stitch length.
scraps 016
If you would like a warmer scarf you can add either sew-in or iron on fleece. I hope that you enjoy this Scrap Scarf Sewing Tutorial, if you make one I would love to see it, just come back and add a link in the comments section. Next time you need a way to add pop to any outfit just remember this Scrap Scarf Sewing Tutorial.

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