Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Toilet Paper Cozy

toilet paper cozy 018With cold season upon us and the price of tissue so high we always use toilet paper when we have to blow our noses. Well at home it is one thing to use it but when we are out and about I really don’t like have a roll of toilet paper sitting in my car or in my tote bag. Well I decided to make a cover for it so that I wouldn’t mind taking it with me. This is what I came up with:
  • 2 different scraps of fabric 13.5” x 3” and 13.5” x 5” this is for the outside. A circle of fabric that is 4 3/4” across.
  • Plain lining fabric cut to the same sizes.
  • Cording or strong rope braided.
I had a bunch of leftover ads from Black Friday so I decided to use them to make a pattern.
toilet paper cozy 003
Take the roll and use the junk mail to measure around the roll. I added 1/2 Inch all around to make sure that I had enough for a seam allowance. My measurements ended up 13.5” x 5” and then I need a collar so I made it 13.5” x 3” .
toilet paper cozy 007
The Circle for the bottom of the cozy will vary based on the size of your roll so saying this mine is 4 3/4”  across.
toilet paper cozy 014
I cut all the pieces out of muslin to check the measurements and make sure they were correct before I cut my good fabric. I also thought that if it was correct that I would already have the lining made. It fit perfectly.
Nest I cut it out of my main fabric and sewed it up the same way and them placed the bags right sides together and sewed them up leaving a 2 inch place to turn it inside out.
I forgot to take a picture of these steps and I also made a casing so that I could put in the drawstring.
 toilet paper cozy 020
The tricky part is taking the inner cardboard core out of the roll, but once it is taken out you can easily pull out the tissue to use.
toilet paper cozy 017
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helenw said...

What a great idea - I love it!

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