Saturday, July 9, 2011

We Met the Duggars Today

We were so excited to meet the Duggar Family today. In the picture above is (L-R) My wonderful Mom, Shae my youngest, Jim Bob Duggar, Me, Anastasia My oldest, & Michelle Duggar.

My girls have been so excited all week about today.
I am so glad that were were able to go and meet them. I really love that they stand up for what they believe and have not changed it because of fame. They are really an example. We could all learn a little from them about setting a standard and keeping it. We should always hold ourselves to a level of modesty and be that example. 115
On the way home my mom was talking about how it was so nice to see so many girls and women in skirts. Everywhere you looked today while we were there that’s what you saw.
They talked all the way up there about what they were going to say when they met them and then they got there and were speechless. They acted so shy and would hardly even say their names when Josh asked for it to sign the book.
This is one show that I am glad that my children enjoy and I really mean ENJOY to watch. I really feel like it is because they can identify with them because of how they dress and the standards of morality that they have. With all of the bad influences that is everywhere, it is nice to find a good one out there and know that I can let them watch something without worrying what they are going to hear or see.

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Tara said...

Very Cool! I love that show too! They are a great family!

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