Thursday, July 7, 2011

Upcycled Skirt

tybee 001
This was one of my favorite skirts and while I was working on a dye projects I splashed some red dye on it and I thought all was lost, but wait I ‘m a crafter. I knew that I could create something and still be able to wear it. It took a couple of weeks and a trip to Hobby Lobby to find the perfect fabric and this is what it turned out to be.
tybee 002
The Glaring red spot. Smile
tybee 003
This is the fabric that I choose. I only need 1/8th of a yard of fabric to complete this project.  I love the large motifs and that I could cut them out and they would look great. I also knew that these are the colors that I wear most. So I could pair most any shirt in my closet with this skirt.
tybee 004
I cut them out fairly close and where they were cut by the size of the piece that I purchased I used these to fit along the seam.
tybee 005
This was my first time using Aleene’s Fabric Fusion adhesive. It was really easy to use and I like how it is clear and the tip is small so I could put the product right where I needed it. I used a small line all around the edge of the motif, and then scribbles all around the inside of the shape. I really like this applicator because it works like a pen.
tybee 006
Here is the finished design prior to gluing them down. I wanted to wear it to the beach the next day so I did not sew around the edges until I cam back. I wanted the edges to fray a little bit before I put a ziz zag stich around each shape. I did not put the Fabric Fusion all the way to the edge for this reason. I wanted a worn look to the fabric shapes so that it would look better with the worn look of the skirt. You could do this with any clothing item that you have and it will work great.
Here is what it looks like after the stitching was added.
Here I am wearing my new favorite skirt on our beach trip.
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Abby said...

I saw this on fun to craft blog and I love it! I think I will make one of these. Keep up the good work on your blog!

Your newest follower,

(come check out my blog?)

AMKreations said...

Great job on the skirt and thanks for the tutorial! It's always nice to be able to fix something up. =)

Carissa said...

Great idea! :)

Diana said...

Awesome...I love that you enhanced your skirt. Looks so personal and artsy.

Lindsay(PACountryCrafts) said...

Good save!!! I should try to recover things more often. I am always making a mess. :)

Cindy said...

I really like your recycle style! And I will have to totally check out that new fabric glue!! Oh my, what my tweener and I can create with that!

Jen said...

Oh, my goodness! I love this! The fabric is fabulous. What a great way to upcycle and hide a stain. I'm going to keep this idea in mind.

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