Monday, July 4, 2011

Sunday Ramblings

tybee 015
Sometimes a break is just what is needed. Even for just a few hours it can be what gives you the boost that you need to continue in whatever that you do. I have been working live a hive of honey bees for the past few weeks in preparation for a large event on July 4th. I have made more product that I would have ever thought that I could produce in that amount of time. I know that it was only with God giving me the strength and to do what I desire to do.
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My best friend had a crazy idea to go on a road trip. We have done our share of little day trips so this was no different. We decided that our destination was going to be Savannah, GA and Tybee Island beach. This is a little longer trip than we would normally take but It was well worth the extra time. It was only 3.5 hours away and I knew it would be an early morning. She met me at my house at 6 and we loaded up the car and the kids (still in their PJs, with pillows and blankets too). Almost 7 and only 1 stop, It was such an easy trip and we arrived on River St. a little after 10am.
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We were able to enjoy River Street and the 1st Saturday Market. There was some great artist there and I really enjoyed this part of the day. I love seeing other Artist’s work. It is always a great inspiration to see what other people create.
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We visited River Street Candy Company, and had to bring some Pralines home. They are making them all day, and hand out still warm samples as you walk in the door. We also tried some of the Turtle candy, it was so yummy, Carmel, Pecans, and Chocolate. A wonderful combination.  We enjoyed a quick lunch at Panera Bread on Bull St.
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After lunch we drove out to Tybee Island. It was a very quick drive and we did not hit any traffic, but once we arrived it took forever to find a parking spot. You have to pay to park all over the island and some people were using it as a way to make money. If they had a house near the beach they were charging $20 to park . I guess a little bit of ingenuity goes a long way. We didn’t end up having to park in one of these types of places. We found a public parking area and only had to pay $6 a lot better than $20. The beach was crowded but not too bad, for a holiday day weekend.
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tybee 311
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We rented a couple of chairs and an umbrella and found the perfect spot the let the girls play and for us to relax. Shells and Sand Dollars held the girls attention for a while. Everyone was finding the Sand Dollars but since it was still alive I told the girls to throw it back into the ocean. She wanted to have proof that she found one so we had to take a picture before she threw it back. 
tybee 219
It was wonderful and the few hours there energized me to come back home and get a few more things completed for tomorrow’s show.
I also completed a couple of journal pages but I forgot to take some pictures. I will post them soon.


Megan said...

lovely pictures. I could so see myself enjoying that road trip!


alicia said...

What cool finds! My kids found a live sand dollar in SC this last spring break too. Thanks so much for linkin up to our Crazy Days of Summer Photo Challenge!

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