Sunday, May 1, 2011

Memories through my lens

Each day of our life is a blessing and we need to savor each moment.
DSC07203 DSC07220
I really want to teach my girls to stop and enjoy all the small moments that they experience. I took the pictures of them “stopping to smell the roses” to illustrate this point. My oldest daughter, Anastasia keeps asking me why do I keep taking so many pictures of them and has even stated that she really doesn't like having her picture taken. Well I said, I am taking so many pictures because I want to have something to remember the way you are right now when you grow up. she told me that was alright then” I guess, but can you not take so many every day?”
I told her that I will continue to take her picture and her sister’s any time I see a moment  that I want to capture so that each important and very special moment are captured through my lens.

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