Saturday, April 16, 2011

Travel Journal

I wanted to share a few pages in my travel journal with you. Please le me know what you think about them. I love your comments. I took these while we were riding down the road and I have not had a chance to take  better ones.




These pages are just a few of the pages that I completed while I was on the road. I would spend about 2 hours each night when we returned to the hotel room after dinner and complete the pages for the day. I really enjoyed this process.



Cindy said...

Well I looked around your blog this time around...and there I see you follow Paulette, too. I am really bad about not putting badges on my page...and it looks like you might be in Texas? I am...I liked your travel journal the scrappiness of it, and how neat that you were able to capture each day as it happened!


junelle said...

Delightful! They look like 6x12s? My favorite page size. I really love that you are able to take the time to document when things are super fresh in your mind, I always wait too long!

Great pages and a true inspiration!

Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

That is fantastic Kate! Doing them each day like that is a great way to have a complete journal when you get home. LOVE that idea. This journal looks so fun! Thank you so much for joining us! :)

con-tain-it said... your travel journal ;) Looks great and I also love to work on my journals when we travel. I think it keeps me in the moment and better able to see things that I would not have necessarily seen. Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful week. Fondly, Roberta

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