Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Start of my Remains of the Day Journal

Cover Ready to be filled

Detail of cover

My Pile of Scraps

Half Pages

Full Pages

This is just the start of my Remains of the Day Journal. If you have never heard about this class you should check it out. I really like how the videos are spaced to show you each step and how she explains the reason she does each thing. The printouts are great so that I can work with them right on my workspace. Here is just a teaser of the work that I accomplished last night. I have been making scrap journals for a while now and when I saw this class a few months back I really wanted to take it. I had seen journals like this being made all around the blog world and I knew I just wanted to know why she did what  she did and how she did it. I am glad that I did. this is a very awesome class. So go check out Mary Jane Moss' Dispatch from LA.



junelle said...

Thanks for the journaling idea. I love sharing projects that are really meaningful and helpful. I love that you showcased your scrap piles too~ so fun & funny! (I have a huge box, too)

Cindy said...

Coming from Studio JRU! Oh, I have thought and THOUGHT about taking that class!!! Maybe this summer! I just love using up E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.IN.G!!! Please post your progress...I can live vicariously through you!


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