Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Crazy Few Days

DSC05741It has been crazy around here for the past few day. Last week it was getting back into the groove of going to work everyday. Over the weekend I was working to create a couple of tutorials, I purchased a Barnes and Noble Nook E—reader and have been working on a tutorial for the cover that I made for it. I hope to have it posted in the next couple of days. Well It might be up today If I can get the pictures out of my camera. I can’t seem to find the thumb drive for my camera phone so now of the pictures from there will be loaded right now, unless I take them from my Facebook page. This week has been 2 snow days in a row.  The picture above is from today. All the beautiful snow you see is no longer the fluffy white stuff it is a solid block of ice, but it is still beautiful. This GA girl loves to see the snow because we don’t get it that often. My girls have spent every min that they have been allowed outside, and are enjoying the second day out in a row. I have enjoyed all the time I have gotten to spend reading. If you don’t have a Nook yet go and download the free Nook for PC app and start enjoying all the free books. When you do purchase a Nook the books will transfer to it seamlessly. I did this before I made my purchase and I now have over 100 books that I have gotten for free and a lot are new fiction as well as all the free books from Kaplan publishing that are free until Jan 17. These include all their Test Study guides, and business books as well as a few great teaching titles. I know that I have multiple ads on my blog for the Kindle, but I made the decision to purchase the Nook after comparing them both and deciding which one was right for me. I will be posting a few book reviews as well this week. I have been able to read a lot more books faster because I am able to make the print to large that it is easier to read a book with out having to struggle to see the print.

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