Thursday, December 16, 2010

Overwhelmed at times

Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed with life and all its trappings. I was listening to my youngest daughter talk tonight and she was telling me how she did not feel like she fits in at her school. I listened quietly as she was talking and then she started to cry about how she was so different from the rest of her friends because she believed in Jesus and they didn’t and she was very upset by this thought that they believed in “Santa” but not Jesus, and it hit me that it can take a child to make us see what we have. I told her that God did not make us to “fit in” he made us to led by example and to standout  and be different and to show the world that there is something more to life and we can have a better life with Jesus in it. We are to be a light in the world and to let God shine through us. We need to have so much of God in us that the light can not be missed. Our light can shine on everyone no matter what we are going though if we give God the opportunity to work through us. We need to let God use us to be a witness to the people around us where ever we go we are his ambassadors.

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