Thursday, November 25, 2010


The start of my homemade cranberry sauce
Today is a day we set aside for Thanksgiving. Almost everyone (no matter the religious belief) will be celelbrating this day. Some with Turkey and Football, and some in a long line waiting on the first hot meal that they have had in days.
People will eat way too much and wonder why they feel so bad. Sometimes I feel we take this day for granted, and don't really get the real meaning of Thanksgiving. It isn't about being thankful for the big things as it is for being thankful for the little things. We really need to have the sprit of Thanksgiving in our lives averday and not just for one day out of a year. There are so many things that we can be thankful for. It you have a warm , safe place to sleep, food to eat (when ever you want it). Clothes on your back. Shoes on your feet. We are blessed with all we NEED. We may not have every thing that we WANT, but our needs are met, and we have our health, our families, our security, and this is not based on our bank account or wither we make a large salary. We have the love of God and the peace in knowing that he loves us and is the supplier of all our needs.  I hope that you all have had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Remember to comment on the post below to enter the drawing for the book giveaway.

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