Sunday, November 21, 2010


I thought I would look around and see how many journals that I have, well I didn't think that I would have more that about 5 or 6 but when I finished looking, I have 10. My goodness, I can't believe that I have so many.
Two are new with nothing maring the kraft paper pages, but the others are all works in progress. I have a small one that it almost finished (the one with "joy" on the cover). The solid red one was found in a box of books that I had packed up and I had forgotten that I had it. It was started in 2007 and only have about 15 pages that have been completed. The Sunflower one on top is my newest addition that I posted about earlier this week. It has become my go to journal for writing about my life. The Third one from the bottom of the stack is a composition book journal that I have started to glue the pages together and add other pages on top to make a thicker surface but I have not gotten any farther that that and the cover. The spiral  bound kraft paper ones are the new ones. I found these on the clearance rack at Borders for under $3 each (I love a bargain). I wish I had bought them all. The large spiral bound on the bottom has a doodle cover that I have posted about before. I have a thin one that is just lined paper that I use for ideas and then there is the Teesha Moore inspired book near the top. I covered the cover with printed packing tape. I have a date book journal that I bought with the good intentions of using it to keep up with my schedule and then abandoned it after about 3 weeks because I disliked being so scheduled. Sometimes I think that my journals have just as much of a story as the pages inside them do. I really love the idea of keeping up with the day to day and also recording what I am doing in my art at different times in my life. With each journal page I am recording the history of our lives in a more concrete fashion. Each one tell a little bit more about how we have changed and how we have grown into who we are today. I record scriptures that capture my thoughts at certain times and quotes that I want to remember, and events that happenings that are important at that time in our lives. I also tell my story about I feel when faced with different things as well as the joy that I have in my life. Each day has a purpose and we have to let God show us what that purpose is or was, when we reflect on the day in our journals.  Our lives are in progress just like each of these journals. We start each day with a blank page, it is up to us how we fill it. We need to make each day something that is worth writing and make each moment count.

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